Thursday, June 2, 2011

Electrovoice domestic horns - the Klipsch relation

I see the list of Klipsch Heritage plans is often used. I figured I'd post related Electrovoice designs.

The Georgian is it, the direct link between Klipsch and Electrovoice. The Georgian is a Klipschorn with a different badge on it. There are constructional differences to be found in images and the plans, but I think they are not that big. The plans are also hard to find.


A scaled up Georgian, made for an 18" driver, or is it? The brochure says it was separately designed, by someone other than PWK. In any case, it uses the folding geometry of a Klipschorn/Georgian and takes an 18". There was also a version for a 30" driver. To add to the confusion, there has also been a Patrician with a direct radiator low-end. Naturally, we focus on the horns! Highly revered and coveted, but obviously hard to get into a home ("Not in my living room!"). The plans linked to here are for 18" drivers, which seem to be better liked than the 30" driver version. The "smaller" drivers are also more readily available. Plans here, here, here, here, here and here.


Marketed as a small Georgian, it is a hornspeaker with, clearly, a different lay-out and construction and slightly less extension. Interesting for DIY/modding, due to ease of construction. If a Klipschorn seems daunting to start with, this might be your first cornerhorn? Plans here.


Because it's a corner horn and the initial hornpath runs underneath and around the compression chamber, it looks a lot like a Klipsch design. People therefore suspect PWK had a hand in this horn himself. It's a backloaded horn with a large compression chamber, kind of Jensen Imperial-like. Plans here.


The Aristocrat is either a backloaded cornerhorn or a cornerloaded bass reflex with a flared/horn port. Again, it has features of the Klipschorn and, again, it is thought PWK might have had a hand in this design. I think it looks a lot like the bottom half of a rearloaded Klipschorn. Plans here.


This design is a lot smaller, but overall it's pretty much the same as the Aristocrat. Plans here.


A bass reflex with a flared "horn" port. Perhaps beyond what I want to discuss here, although I might get back to horn reflex plans with the beautiful Gately corner enclosure. Plans for the Marquis are here.