Monday, February 4, 2013

More data on the Schmacks/Klinger sub

A long time ago, I posted plans and a sim of this horn, you can find that post here. I also made a sketchup model from it, which you can find here.

I was enthusiastic about it and said it was subjectively good. I had no way to measure response at the time. Unfortunately.

There is a new horn guy in town, though, and he's called DrBoar. You can find his blog here. He's an experimenter ( in fact he's a professional scientist) and builds and measures, apparently, out of curiosity.

He has made an elaborate build report on his blog (here, here and here), about this great horn. He tried a lot of drivers and presents many measurements. Good reading. In short, it is a good horn, with good response, and it's easy to build/implement.

And now, it is also objectively good. ;-)