Monday, November 19, 2007

The Dino Horn

Something to break the Hornresp series.

This is a vintage design. It was featured in the Klinger loudspeaker book, and that's about all I know about its origins.

This picture comes from the World Tune website, an art project that travels around, placing these giant horns in large space or the open air to play soundscapes. Thanks to the persons in the shot, you can appreciate its formidable size.

A noteworthy feature of this horn, is its floor-firing mouth. Actually, the mouth is formed by the opening at the base of the cabinet, but the cabinet itself is firing downwards. This folding topology is used in the Edgarhorn slimlines and Seismic sub, as well as the older Monolith design. The classic Swedish Klason horn also has a down-firing mouth. By letting the mouth be part of the horn, the enclosure itself can be reduced, which makes the horn seem a lot smaller. Considering its current size, imagine what it would look like when folded in a more traditional way!

I can't find any listening experiences of it, but literally everyone that ever writes about it online is fascinated by it.

You can find the plans at Note they are all in metric.

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PacificGrove said...

You mentioned that you're not sure about the origins of this speaker. You might be interested in the Dino Horn inventor's blog: