Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Collaborative Tapped Horn Project

Posting here has been low, but there continues to be a constant flow of hits and views to this magazine. There are loads of people interested in hornloudspeakers online and they clearly want more stuff to read. This, I can provide, through a bulky link...

By now, a lot of horn enthusiasts will be familiar with the Tapped Horns of Tom Danley. In tapped horns, the driver is placed in such a way, that both front and rear are inside the hornpath and contributing to the final frequency response. www.diyaudio.com is hosting a thread by a number of DIY-ers, who have been reverse and forward engineering the tapped horns. Tom Danley even pops round to offer advice and hints!

This entire thread is interesting reading material. With the aid of hornresp and some background knowledge, a functional tapped horns is easily designed and constructed (think folded TQWT and you're 95% there). Those who have tried it, are generally over the moon.

Here is the link, knock yourself out with some excellent, innovative, exciting and yet accessible reading material. I start on page 1, the thread has grown to 136 pages by the time I am posting this...

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