Monday, June 16, 2008

Extensive build report - Eyecandy

The Grand Klipsch Post is still being edited. In the mean time, we need something to get excited about, so I post this:

The URL is aptly chosen, in many ways. It is a build report of the Klipsch Jubilee, one of the horns that will be featured in the Grand Klipsch Post. It was sort of the anniversary version of the Klipschorn, hence the Jubilee name. The craftsmanship displayed does the design and legacy justice, which is also cause for jubilation. Finally, the builder/owners look very happy with the finished product, so I bet there's some jubilation in that house!
There are dozens, if not well over a hundred, photos there, that show the entire build process. He starts with raw ply and ends up with a furniture quality horn. Respect! You also get excellent views of the structure of the horn which, combined with the plans (upcoming in the Grand Klipsch Post!), allows better 3D visualisation of the horn.
Note that the Jubilee is considered an "easy build" compared to the traditional Khorn...


Iain said...

The Klipschorn Jubilee is among the finest horn speakers I have heard. The swan song of PWK. Genius!

Great BLOG!

Iain said...
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Innertuber said...
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Dresden said...

one word: beautiful. both in its design and execution of workmanship.