Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Horn Hits

I am still working on the infrastructure for this magazine, but I saw in the statistics of Sitemeter that this site is already getting quite a lot of visitors. From all over the world, as well. I am sorry that I aroused anticipation without delivering!

I am planning ahead some posts/issues. I am going for hard content, because there's already enough sites that link to sites that link to sites that link to sites.
  • I have noticed that first-time users of the excellent hornsimulation program Hornresp (by David McBean) often find it hard to get started, so I want to write a short tutorial, with some screenshots. This will start with your basic frontloaded horn, get to backloaded in a later post/issue and the series will probably end with tapped horns.
  • I am after permission to publish some famous patents and papers by the horn giants, on whose shoulders we (try to) stand.
  • I have invited one horn-professional to author on this blog, I am considering a few more.
  • Of course, any of you who showed an interest in this blog so far, is welcome to send in copy!

The copy deadline for the first issue is november 1st 2007, publication shortly thereafter.


AMPZILLA said...

Great magazine!
Can't wait when you pubish more horn plans.Does anybody have plans for the Tannoy Westmister?

Ampzilla in Chicago

Ivo Tichelaar said...

I do have a number of Tannoy plans. A very good idea to post them. Stay tuned...