Sunday, October 14, 2007

Statement of intent

A blog about hornloudspeakers.

  1. Anything from all-horn multiway fronthornloaded monsters, to tiny single drivers in backloaded horns
  2. Tech stuff (theory, designs, plans, filters, calculators)
  3. Reviews (listening experiences and measurements)
  4. Lust (pretty pictures etc.)


  1. Periodical bigger features, like reconstructing a vintage design and simulating its response with modern drivers, or introducing a DIY-design by a contributor (hence the 'Magazine' in the title)
  2. Incidental, though possibly frequent shorter news flashes, like referring to an interesting new thread on an audioboard

Single/multiple authors:

  1. While this is a hobby venture of one person, contributions and collaborations are appreciated
  2. Contributors and collaborators can be both amateur and professional

External horn stuff:

  1. This magazine will support and endorse good external information anytime. Inform me, I will link to it!
  2. I have a large folder on my harddisk, with lots of horn designs and articles. Eventually, most will be posted here, but if you are missing something and need it quickly, you can ask about it and I will try to find it for you.


Iain said...

No email link on the site or I would have just sent a message. Didn't intend to post comment.

I have just uploaded almost 400 images from the Klipsch Hope factory, museum, factory museum, and home.

This has many more pics than the link I sent before. Feel free to use any of these images.

Ivo Tichelaar said...

Thanks. I will probably use a number of your pictures. And will enjoy the rest of them.

Iain said...

Don't worry you didn't do anything to cause the Jubilee build site to be moved. Someone posted on the Klipsch site that they wanted to make money building them so he just removed the site. DIY is one thing but building for profit another.

Great blog.

Iain / Seti