Thursday, April 10, 2008

CH Audio Design - beautiful craftmanship

I just came across the CH Audio Design website, through a link posted on Audiotreff. This company (or person?) offers spectacular wood reproductions of the Altec 1505B multicell horns. This style of hornbuilding, splitting the horn into smaller segments and pointing them in a radiating style, is intended to prevent beaming. These smaller segments are the multicells. In the usable pass-band, the wavefronts of the individual horns combine well and a smooth response and wide dispersion is achieved. At higher frequencies, each individual multicell exhibits beaming.

There is more than just pretty pictures there, including a set of drawings for an adjustable base assembly, allowing variable tilting. If, like me, you are used to adjust the position and angle of your midhorns by adding books to the stack underneath your driver (...), you will surely appreciate this feature. :) Also interesting to see is Dietmar of Germany's system. Clearly a Big Rig.

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