Friday, April 18, 2008

Hornresp 19.00

I passed announcing the release of versions 18.20 and 18.30, because I thought it was getting a little too much, announcing updates almost every other day. This is a fully new version, however, so I am glad to announce it.

I am even more glad that I had something to do with it. David McBean is open to suggestions for his software and many DIY-ers give them. I took the opportunity to ask for off-set driver mounting. This means mounting the driver not at the throat, but at some other location along the horn path. This alters response and can therefore be used to tune the horn in a specific way. Just one more tool in the toolbox. The trick itself, off-set driver mounting, is also known from transmissionlines and TQWTs.

Anyway, David refused initially, but suprised me by releasing version 19.00, with the off-set driver mounting. Thanks David!

Hornresp download site.

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