Saturday, April 12, 2008

More wood/DIY multicell horns

I knew I had a nice link somewhere in my bookmarks...

This is a French effort, from the website, showing audio gear by Jerome and Thierry Prevost. I havn't had contact with them, but I assume they are brothers sharing a nice hobby. :)

They have several pages detailing this and other horn developments and show some of the design and construction steps. It's all in French so might be a problem for some, but the pictures alone are worth more than a million words.

(Note: although this horn consists of cells, due to its general lay-out and expansion style, it would probably be more accurately described as a radial horn. Examples of this style follow later.)

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jipih said...


What a surprise to discover a link to our website from the outside !
I know that being in french is not very easy for foreign people, but it would take so much time to be translated...

Thank you for your visit !